Our Sauce Recipes

Black Bean

Brown sauce with chunks of black bean and garlic; bold and flavorful

Calcutta Curry

Tangy, spicy and sweet

Chef's Favorite

A unique blend of sweet & sour and teriyaki; works well with a little chili oil and pineapple


A delicious mix of teriyaki and curry

Kung Pao

A peppery brown sauce

Layser's Hot

Sweet & sour and Hunan blend; sweet and heat!

Mama Gemma's Gourmet

A rich, bold, flavorful brown sauce; similar to beef & broccoli


A rich brown sauce thatís a little sweet

Orange Sauce

A light citrus flavor

Spicy Curry

Itís just as it sounds, Indian flavor with a kick!

Spicy Hunan

Spicy brown sauce with a red chili broad bean paste; medium spicy

Spicy Thai

Spicy, light and crisp brown sauce with a tangy zip

Sweet and Sour

The perfect combination of flavors


A traditional blend of flavors, not the syrupy sweet stuff in fast food


"YC's always has and always will get five stars from me for a unique and tasty dining experience"
— Arizona Republic

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